Toad's Place
Friday February 25, 2000

New Haven, CT

Can you believe it? EPIC...WORLDWIDE LIVE!!!! Yup...the rumors were true. We had our show from Toads broadcast live on the internet!!! So now the world knows the truth...EPIC knows how to paaaaaaaarty!!! I think I will start this entry with some words of praise. To Darik and the rest of the boys...thanks again for letting us share your stage. We are still having a blast! Next up on the list, I would like to thank the first band on stage...Public Disturbance. Not only did these guys bring a ton of people to the show...they got the place jumping early. Let me not forget to mention that these guys show up and support us every time we play when they are off. Thanks guys, we truly appreciate it. Next I want to take my hat off to our former band mate Steve Savo. There have been sooooo many rumors flying around about Steve's departure from the band, and none of it was true. He put a great band together after his departure called Hype. The band is fronted by Mark from Prezens...they had a great melodic vibe with solid vocal harmonies and a rock solid sound. Steve doesn't have to play like an animal anymore, and he sounded better than ever on the kit. Congratulations on a great nite!!!! I'm sure we will share the stage again. Okay....enough about everyone about something about our show? I don't suppose I have to tell you how pumped up we were for this night. We have been building up to this show for weeks. Add in the last minute bonus of having our show broadcast live on the internet, and you have major woodies on all of us! We took the stage at our new 11:00 time slot with all guns a blazing. It was actually kind of funny....Hype finished their set and the crowd was totally digging them, but were they ready for us? Steve Savo came up on stage and introduced us. We opened with Guerilla Radio, and I remember looking at some stunned expressions...I had to laugh....we kicked it hard and people started getting juiced. At one point in the middle of the set when we played Little Black Back Pack and Inside Out, the crowd was singing so loud that I could barely here Kevin's voice in the monitors. We actually had to ask to have our monitors turned up....WAY COOL!!! So it's our biggest night in a long time, so it figures that 3 songs in Dave busts a string...Murphy's law....the show went on. I took a beach ball off the noggin...Jorge had a beach ball land right in the middle of his drum kit during a major part of S.O.S. Kevin almost booted during a song....OH WHAT A NITE!!! I gotta tell ya...this is what rock and roll is all about. We had a blast. If you missed the show, I believe it will be available on the internet for about a year on Thanks to all of you for coming down to the show...and those of you who didn't make missed a good one. We hope to see you all at Tailgators Friday night!

~ glenn