Saturday, March 18th
Norwalk, CT

It's kind of funny how your mind works sometimes. I was driving to the gig
thinking to myself that it was going to be a tough night. The day after St.
Patty's day? I had no doubt in my mind that all of our friends had gone out
and gotten obliterated Friday night, and would not be up to going out to see
us Saturday. Then I walked in to the club and the sound guy starts telling
me that the whole street is dead, and he doesn't expect a crowd of any kind.
We laughed about it and said whatever happens happens. Needless to say...we were both wrong.

It was Kevin's birthday. No balloons, no singing and no gifts. We
especially did not give him a pinch to grow an inch because he said that his
jeans are fitting snugly in the crotch as it is....<he's so vein> So Kevin
limps in to the gig because he took a digger in his house running for the
phone and twisted his ankle. Did this little set back stop our Kev from
rocking out??? HELL NO!!!

Much to our surprise, the room began to fill up rather early, and by the time
we were done with our first set the crowd was pretty big. We saw some faces
that we have not seen at an Epic show in a while and a lot of new faces too.
Our old friend Steve Savo showed up with some friends and sat in on Sad But True for old times sake. There were a few other notes from the show that need mentioning. First of all is the Keith Richards look-a-like that smelled like he had been sitting in a puddle of his own piss and puke for about a month. He was spotted arguing with himself in the mirror during set number one. At one point during our second set he made his way over to Tony's side of the stage and smelled so badly that Tony couldn't play. Tony lit a smoke and waived it around the guys head...take a hint? Nope...Tony had to ask him to move in a very nice way. I believe it went something like this: "Hey buddy...get the hell out of smell like my dogs ass!!!" A classic moment for sure. Later on in the night Kevin was standing on a speaker out in front of the stage and a pack of chicks gathered in front of him as he was singing.  In fact, that is the very spot were Dave pointed out the 3 sweedish chicks the last time we played Shenanigans. it something in that speaker? Anyway...people came out of the woodwork and crowded the stage for our last set. Everyone jammed to the Poison tunes and the Limp Bizkit tunes...then they turned on the lights and tossed them all out on to the street. Thank you...good night! We had a blast, and will be back there again soon. Thanks goes to our able bodied assistant Dan for keeping the beers flowing and for lugging the gear. Without him, we are carrying our own gear and getting our own drinks...what a drag! By the way....nice hat Danny boy! Cya at the next show!

~ glenn