May 6th 2000
Play-offs Bar & Grille
New Haven, CT

The last time we played Toads place a woman came up to Kevin and me and said that she is friends with somebody who owns a bar in New Haven and that we should play there. I gave her my card and told her to have him call me.  Once we finally made contact, I learned that his bar was Play-Offs...we set the date of May 6th and the rest was history. 

I arrived at the bar to see 4 big windows in front. One with with with I...and one with C...what's it spell? It spells...COOL! Once inside we had a challenge of trying to find a place to set up. The floor had a little warp to it were Kenny had to set up his kit. We settled in and got set up as the people in the bar stared at us as if we had just arrived from the third ring of Saturn. This was to be our first "full" night with
Scott and Kenny, so we were excited to have a fun night. We even dug up some classics to add for the occasion. The bar started filling up and we got to playing. Everyone there was digging what we had to offer. At one point in the evening a couple of young ladies did there best impersonation of a
fireman on his way to an emergency. What do I mean? You know how it was back in the day...the alarm goes off and they would slide down the pole to get to the trucks. Lets just say that one girl was the fireman, and the other girl was the pole. You do the math. It made for good entertainment,
that's for sure. It was strange...that fire alarm just kept on going off all night long!

Anyway...thanks to Jerry and the crew at Play-Offs for making us feel welcome. We will be back again this summer. Keep your eye on the web site for the date.