January 7, 2000
Toads Place
New Haven, CT

The first EPIC show of the 21st century was at Toads Place. It would also mark the last show for one of our original members, Steve Savo. We all did a lot of talking about the old days before the shows including some pretty disgusting shit stories, in fact to gross for print. The night was opened by a great band who I had never heard of called Ink. The only thing I can say is...WOW!!! They had that metal/funk edge that was awesome. A little Rage, some Chili Peppers and various others combined into a kick ass unit. Great job guys! We took the stage on right on time and launched in to our set. During the set a number of things occurred. Well...we gave an on stage farewell to Steve and the crowd thanked him properly for his work in the band over the years. A few songs later, someone, and I still don't know who, kicked out the plug of my rig and right in the middle of Come Out And Play I was OFF!!! SHIT!!! After about 3 minutes (that seemed like an hour) of crawling around on the floor, I discovered the problem and got back to business. Then of course we had Chris Michols from the Funbags join us on stage for Fight For Your Right To Party and give his own farewells to Steve as only Chris can. Finally it was time for our last tune, I Hate Everything About You. During the song Kevin and I were hamming things up on my side of the stage, then from out of nowhere....POW!!! Kevin clocks me in the ear with his microphone by accident. I start bleeding like Evander Holyfield after Mike Tyson had his now famous snack. Oops! That's what rock and roll is all about kids! Speaking of Kevin...he was not feeling well at all, but this was an important show for all of us so he gave it his best. A lesser man would have cancelled our performance due to illness, not our Kevin. So if you found yourself looking at your friend saying..."Kevin doesn't sound his usual self tonight" you were right. We are currently nursing him back to health with a steady diet of Flu medication, fluids, and porno! By the way...thanks to all of you for giving us another impressive head count at Toads. We will do it again really soon.


New Years Eve 1999
The Pinecrest Country Club
Shelton, CT

Well it was the end of the Millenium and we had been pumping this up for months. A big show with DOA2000, open bar, food, party favors, black tie optional, etc...
I'm not going to say much about the show because the fine folks at the Pinecrest were charging people for drinks at the "open bar". Not to mention the fact that they overbooked the room and were grossly under staffed. People had to wait in ridiculous lines to buy there free drinks and the buffet line was about an hour wait as well. We played out set of about an hour and partied with everyone the rest of the night while DOA played. We rang in the New Year and made it home alive to tell the tale. They a picture is worth a thousand words. We have plenty of pictures that we will be posting on the web site in the next few days, so you can see for your self that we really did have a great time, and all things considered....so did everyone else.