Friday April 16, 1999

Cool Breeze: Milford, CT

We are always bummed out when we have a gig and the weather sucks! My band mates and I braved the down pours and loaded up the van anyway. Dave even broke out his umbrella (tres chic). Nothing was damaged despite the foul weather.

Our good friends St. Tone opened up the night for us in fine style. As usual, they mixed up some cool originals and some covers. We could take a lesson in merchandising from Tony and the boys. They set up a gift shop and sold various St. Tone swag!! Thanks guys!!

We took over the club around 11:15 or so. The crowd took a while to get pumped up. I think the weather delayed peoples drinking a little bit. We debuted some new stuff including a crowd pleasing version of White Wedding by Billy Idol. Overall it was a night with no "real" problems. There was one brawl that broke out right before we kicked in to Sad But True...timing is everything. Steve grabbed the mic and announced that he would not play until the assholes stopped pounding each other. They were escorted out...and the band played on. Two sets and too much to drink. Just another EPIC show!

We are looking forward to our next gig at The Corner Pocket on May 1st!!!!. It should be a great time. We'll see ya there!!!!!!!


March 17th (St. Patrick's Day)

Like any other day in the work week, we all started off our days...yes...working. Little did we know what our night would have in store.

Bennigans was the place to be to celebrate the wearin o' the green! Thanks (again) to Tony St. Tone for starting the night of right! Tony did his solo acoustic gig complete with a list of songs for people to request...which they did! He sounded awsome. During Tony's set, we all sat around stuffing our faces with free food (THANKS BENNIGANS), and drinking large quantities of FREE BEER (THANKS BENNIGANS). Well the free beer continued for the entire evening and beyond.

We finally took the stage around 10:15 or so and opened up with Bittersweet by Fuel. Kevin was dressed like know, the guy on the Lucky Charms commercials? Tony was sporting his new velvet shirt and Monica Lewinski hat. He looked good, but Monica has nicer breasts. Dave was sporting his new wild and crazy shirt, Steve was dressed in his usual (Patty, find me something cool to wear) digs and I...well...I'm not quite sure what I was thinking. Black velvet shirt with blue flames and half naked women on the sleeves, and to top it off (literally) a huge green foam cat in the hat like hat with a shamrock on it. Clothes aside...we rocked. The competition was fierce...who was more drunk? The crowd or the band? We finished the first set with the comeback of an old favorite that we never played with Kevin at the mic. Rock and Roll All Night always works! As in the past...drunk EPIC followers were given a chance to take the mic and sing the chorus...hell...even that sounded good. Were we really that drunk? The second set was even better than the first. We handed out t-shirts, we drank some more, we rocked some more. The waitresses came up to the stage area and danced for a while when they got sick of listening to people bitch about waiting for a half an hour for a beer. We had a blast. Thanks to all of you for coming out and making it a success. Do you know that we are the only band to ever play that place? Lets do it again next year!

We are going to take a month off and work on some new material. We have about 20 new songs to learn by the next gig on April 16th at Cool Breeze. We'll see you there!!