Hey there!  Glenn has his "Gig Diary Page" and I got a little jealous....Although I probably won't be updating as much as him.... I wanted a "Kevin's Comment Page"  This is a place for me to vent or talk about the shows and/or happenings of the band.....and maybe more!


HEY!!!  Oh my it's been a while since I've been here!!!!  But you know what???? The rest of this site is updated.....and guess who does that????  ME THAT'S WHO!   At least I signed the guest book though....here is what I said...

"Hey all....Thanks for all your support lately. As you know we have gone through many changes over the last few months and although its been a little rough, it's been fun. Thank you to everyone who came down to Shenanigan's Friday night, it was definitely a good time. One big problem though, although we encourage as much chaos as possible, we also want everyone to respect each others boundaries. This is directed to the 2 or 3 guys who decided to start moshing...pouring and throwing beer on everyone, and eventually you were basically fighting. This is not what Epic is about, nor has it ever been. There were many dancing and frolicking women around....well guess what? You frightened them......and because of what you were doing many people decided to leave the bar.....because of you....that's not fair to them, to the bar....or to us. We can all still have a good time, get loud, get drunk, scream, yell, dance, sing and even pick up that special someone to bring them home for a little private chaos! We understand everyone has their own way of showing their own excitement and that there is a time and a place for everything, we just ask you respect others around you. Thanks! and see you at Tailgator's on May 26th!.....Peace and Love!!!!!! Kevin"

Well....it was very unfortunate that a few over excited people had to ruin it for other's....but that's how it goes...we really love when everyone goes nuts...but we just don't want anyone to fight or invade anyone else's space...We have actually had some really good brawls at other clubs....but they weren't in front of the stage....no one got hurt and no one left...except for the guys who got kicked out that is!!!  Oh well...  

Before I go I would just like to congratulate Rino from Darik and the funbags on his recent engagement!!!!  BEST OF LUCK MY FRIEND!





HEY THERE!  AGAIN...I am WAY over due on updating this here thing.....  First and foremost I would like to thank EVERYONE who came down to Toad's on Friday.....it was a BLAST!  ALSO....I'd like to thank Darik and the Funbags for letting us share the stage with them once again!  THANX....and I'd like to congratulate Public Disturbance and Hype (featuring Epic's former drummer Steve Savo) on an EXCELLENT performance!  Steve that had to be the best I've ever seen you play!   Also Steve, thank-you for the intro...VERY COOL! Now...to those of you who like controversy between bands and former band mates....I'm VERY sorry, but there is NO controversy between Epic and Steve.  I hate to disappoint you even further, but there is no controversy or even harsh feelings between Steve and I, regardless of all the crap I've been hearing lately about what I have said and done and what Steve has said and done....especially what Steve had to tell me Friday night.  Thanks for not subscribing to the bullshit Steve!  YOU DA MAN!  It seems as if some people aren't happy unless they are causing problems with other people.  The bottom line here is that we are a community of musicians with a common goal...to have FUN and make the audience HAPPY! Nothing more....nothing less.  Friday night at Toad's was the personification of that.  All four bands worked as a team NOT to step on each others toes....or to piss each other off, but TO HAVE A GREAT TIME....  Equipment was shared, people helped one another, we swapped songs... We were all one big happy f@%king family that night....and THAT is what made it sooooo much fun.  I made a lot of new friends Friday...and hopefully some new fans of Epic.  My apologies go out to several people about certain things though.  First to the people that emailed me asking me if I was alright after I got off stage because I seemed "distant" as one person put it.  YES I was a little "distant" Friday night after the show....and before for that matter...several personal issues (not band related) were at the forefront of my mind, and I do apologize and am flattered at the people who have shown their concern.   My second and BIGGEST apology goes out to the girl who had her hand on the monitor when I stepped on it!!! I DID NOT MEAN TO STEP ON YOUR FINGER!!!! SORRY!  :-)

WELL THAT'S ALL FOR NOW!!  Thanx for listening and I hope to see all your drunk dancing smiling singing asses at Tailgator's on Friday night!




OK OK OK!!!!!!!! I KNOW!!!!  It's been WAY too long since I updated this thing... BUT let me give you a brief synopsis of what's been going on...OK?  First, I do appreciate that you are actually looking here and reading this...that is why I'm updating....because of the complaints!! :-) Ok...here we go....Lets go back to January 3rd...My work sent me to Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  It's a town about 45 minutes outside of Nashville.  The trip down TOTALLY sucked...we got fogged in in New York and ended up missing our connection flight...SO a 3 hour tour.....took us 11 HOURS!  So we get to Nashville, nice place....I went to the Wild Horse Saloon......the place is HUGE!!!  3 levels....about 10 times bigger than Toad's....the stage was about the size of Toad's dance floor!  Well I went for work....and had a good time while I was there....I get back late Thursday night January 6th....go to work the next morning....not feeling to good.  I get out of work, go home and go to sleep for about 2 hours...get up, take a shower and go to do the Toad's gig.  WELL...by this time I had a fever of 101....chills...headache...sore throat...stuffed up...YOU GUESSED IT...THE FLU!  After that show I ended up staying in bed until Wednesday, and my fever got up to 103.5!  That's 4.5 days in bed....ALONE I MIGHT ADD!!!!! :-(  ANYWAY....I would like to apologize to everyone for the way I sounded that night....I was hoarse even before I went on stage, but felt a MASSIVE obligation to play.  I REALLY wanted to do the best I could....for all of the people who came to see us....and for Steve Savo.  Unfortunately, it was his last show with us that night.  Unfortunately, shit happens and things change.....and to be fair to Steve and Epic I am leaving it at that.  I am still friends with Steve, wish him well and thank him for everything he has done to further this band.  SO ANYWAY....I had to move out of my house during all of this because I'm getting my hardwood floors refinished....I had to move back with .... you guessed it....THE PARENTS!  It was only supposed to be for a few days....BUT my furnace crapped out during the cold snap last weekend....my pipes froze....AND BURST.. you know...WATER EVERYWHERE!!!!  SO THINGS REALLY SUCK RIGHT NOW!  I can't move back to my house...no water!  Water is good...it makes you CLEAN! and tastes good too!  I feel bad for my roommate Frank....you may have seen Frank throwing out beach balls and blow up dolls at our Toad's shows.  Well....not all is bad....you see ALSO during all this...we practiced with our new drummer Jorge Maldanado and learned some new songs!  Jorge is awesome, and also one of the nicest humans I've ever met in my life.  I am REALLY looking forward to Shenanigan's on January 21st....HEY! THAT'S TOMORROW NIGHT!!!! HOLY SHIT! I better get to bed and get some rest....I still feel kind of shitty from that there flu thing.  OK so I lied...I said "brief synopsis"...you should have seen the long version of this....it will be available in hardcover in about a week if you want to buy it! 

Hope to see ya'll soon!!! (said in my Tennessee accent) and thanx for letting me vent!

PEACE, LOVE and.....SMC!




WHY AM I SINGING THIS SILLY SONG YOU ASK???  Well....I'm OFFICIALLY in the band a YEAR now!!!!  Man it flew by!  I've had a blast....and I hope all of you who have been coming to the shows have too.  Here is a brief history of the chain of events that brought me into the band.....as I saw them.  About two years ago Steve approaches me..."Hey Kev...you wanna sing in the band with us??"  "SURE!" I say...Then "IT" happened....the inevitable "PHONE TAG" one will encounter when trying to get in touch with Steve....well after a couple weeks I gave up....then a few months later..."IT" happens again...then I give up...then one more time...I run into him at the Meadows in Hartford at a Van Halen show in August....he comes up running asking for my number.....again.   I give it to him, we talk for a few minutes.....as I leave I turn to .....well I'll call her my "date" (I don't think her name should be on here....for MANY reasons )...ANYWAY....I turn to my "DATE" and say...."So...this is gonna start again...." and both of us proceeded to laugh.  At that point in time I was starting to work with guitar virtuoso Scott Digoia....which due to time restrictions and conflicting schedules....never seemed to work out...oh well.  ANYWAY... Steve didn't call....until NOVEMBER!!!!  (By this time my "date" of 7 years was no longer around....so I really needed something to fill my time) Finally in late November I learn about 5 or 6 songs he asked me to....go down to his basement, meet Tony, and Dave....I pretty much knew Glenn from when he worked at Sam Ash and WPLR....I was actually an intern there years ago.  Well...I sang....AND GOT ASKED BACK...reluctantly by some of the band I hear...I didn't exactly win them over right away....GRRRRRRRRR!

So....on to January....our first gig!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOO!  BUT!!! I get sent to Costa Rica for work!  We all freaked....I mean...Costa Rica is a beautiful country...but I did NOT want to miss this...LUCKILY I get back the day before the show...We are playing with St Tone!!!  WOOOO HOOOO!....NOT!!! It gets snowed out!!!!!  ANYWAY....we play the following Saturday with Prezens...unscheduled....but a favor to Steve.  I WAS NERVOUS....but I had a lot of fun....we all were a little sloppy....but a lot of potential was there.  The best part of the night for me was not singing, or performing....it came after our last note rang out....Glenn turned to me shook my hand and said "Welcome to the band my friend!"  YEAH!  Thats what its ALL about!

ROCK ON, GET NAKED and oh yeah....one more thing....SMC!!!!  :-)



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